Pesakrompir wins the title, as Mixa Racing Team wins again

Pesakrompir wins the title, as Mixa Racing Team wins again
19/06/2020 Jure

The grand finale of the Twingo Cup Endurance Series took place in Grobnik. There were 15 teams present from Italy, Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia  for the 4-hour endurance race.

The qualy. was won by AMROP team followed by Preša Cerklje a second behind , Bovi / Teca was third followed by Pesakrompir, Robida Team and Gostišče Barbara Team. Mixa Racing Team skipped the qualy. and was set to start the race from last possition.

As used  the race started at a crazy pace. The first teams collided a few times, but with no of the teams fighting for the championship with grave damage to the racecars. There  were several changes in the front positions during the race. With 3 hours till the end all the teams fighting for the chapionship had still chanches for winning the title.

There were some collisions on the track later on with Amrop, Robida and Preša Cerklje all involved. As all the mentioned teams had to pit and lost a lot of time there was  the Serbian Mixa Racing Team which progressed quietly and steadily towards the podium possitions. After 2.5 hours of racing it was already clear that Mixa, Croatian Europhone, Bovi / Teca, Gostišče Barbara and Pesakrompir might be fighting for the first places. With the arrival of a safety vehicle on the track a few more times due some collisions  the cards were well shuffled. In one of the safety car phases  Bovi / Teca felt behind, which was used by the competitors. In the last part of the race, the Croatian Europhone, which was chased by Mixa and Pesakrompir, showed the best pace and was leading the race for 50 seconds.. The Serbs desperately needed a victory to win the championship, a Pesakrompir team was around 5 position at that time. Few minutes before the finish line, there was a big crash between the Robida Team and the leading Europhone. As the result the race was finished behind  the safety car and won  by the Mixa team, followed by Pesakrompir and  the Alokes / Šeme. The championship was finally  won by Pesakrompir, second was the Mixa Racing team and third the Preša Cerklje Team.