Preseason test day Grobnik

Preseason test day Grobnik
18/02/2019 Jure

On the of february there was a preseason test day for ESET Twingo Eurocup and Twingo Endurance Cup at Grobnik circuit in Croatia.

There were more than 30 drivers testing the Twingo Cup car, some were driving it at very first time, other were more experienced.

Some were driving a racecar for the first time, but neverless made a huge step forward during the whole day and were at the end of the day very close to the best drivers.

Early morning was ideal for making fast lap times, but the fastest of all was Matej Ivanuša with the time of 2:01.433. Ivanuša was already competiting last year, and with his lap times he showed  that he will be fighting with the best this year.


TOP 10:

1.Matej Ivanuša- ALOKES

2.Luka Glazer – BOVI

3.Mark Škulj- ŠKULJ

4.Predrag Šainović- Lema Racing

5.Tom Gruenfeld- CARAVAN

6.Aleš Bužga- PROVIZIJA

7.Nik Štefančič- LEMA RACING

8.Grega Gradišek- NEJCI

9.Viktor Turina- LEMA RACING

10.Denis Bahar- PESAKROMPIR