Team PESAKROMPIR wins at Grobnik

Team PESAKROMPIR wins at Grobnik
26/11/2019 Jure

The first of the three planned four-hour  Twingo Cup Winter Endurance Series races was held  at Grobnik.

The first  race has been tense until the last laps. 15 extremely competitive teams have started the first 4h race.The day has started with 1 hour of free practice ,followed by 1 hour of qualifying and an four-hour race, which has held in mixed conditions.

The Qualyfign was won by  Mark Škulj (Preša Cerklje) followed by Nik Štefančič (Planet Team) and Tomaž Trček (Pesakrompir).

Qualifign results:
1. Preša Cerklje
2. Planet Team
3. Pesakrompir
5. Robida Team
6. Alokes
7. Bovi / Teca
8. Europhone
9. NPN Team
10. CRO Team
11. SLO Team
12. Team Schemes
13. Adria Team
14. Tech Team
15. Pop TV

The start of the race was intense with many overtakes,and an early  intervention of the safety car. The race mostly took place on a wet track. In an unpredictable situations, quite a few drivers were flying off the track. After a half of the race few teams AMROP,PREŠA, BOVI/TECA, ROBIDA, PESAKROMPIR, were fighting for the win, but after some bad actical decisions of the favored teams, it was the PESAKROMPIR team (Trček, Stušek, Gregorič)   which crossed the finish line in the first place followed by ROBIDA (Robida, Robida, Bužga) and the Bovi / Teca team (Gruenfeld, Glazer, Marinšek).

After the race, the most experienced driver of the victorious PESAKROMPIR  team, Tomaž Trček, did not hide his satisfaction: “We did not expect a win, but in the end, after a faultless drive, with a great car and excellent tactics, we took the highest step of the podium. After last year’s accident, everything finally went well. Thanks, to the whole team.

1. Pesakrompir
2. Robida Team
3. Bovi/Teca
5. Preša Cerklje
6. Planet Team
7. Tech Team
8. Alokes
9. Šeme Team
10. CRO Team
11. SLO Team
12. Pop TV
13. Europhone
14. NPN Team
15. Adria Team –DNF


The next race of the Twingo Cup Winter Endurance Series will take place again at the Grobnik circuit at the 22th of February 2020