17/10/2019 Jure

The last stop fort he ESET V4 CUP was the Hungarian Hungaroring. There were 18 drivers on the starting list fort he ESET Twingo Cup powered by Glaso . Although it was clear before the start of the races that Mark Skulj was practically the champion, this did not prevent other racers from preparing the show for the last time, as we have been used to throughout the season.

There were two qualyfign sessions and three races scheduled fort he weekend.In the first qualy. held on Friday  Nik Štefančič took the pole position, with Mark Škulj second and Matej Koreny third. Followed by: Jaka Marinšek, Tomas Koreny, Gašper Dernovšek, Matej Ivanuša, Luka Glazer, Urban Jelovcan…

The start of the first race was successful for Nik Stefančič as he  managed to retain the lead. In the back, a real small drama unfolded, with 5 drivers competing for the 2nd place: Jaka Marinšek, brothers Koreny, Mark Škulj, Gašper Dernovšek and folowed by Tomaž Trček, who had a great start, starting only from 11th place. At the end of the 5th lap, Matej Koreny and Gašper Dernovšek collided and lost the opportunnity  fort he podium finish. Štefancic managed  gain and keep the extra advantage and crossed the finish line first, second was Mark Škulj and third was last year’s Twingo Cup champion Tomaž Trček, who managed to overtake Marinšek by a few tens of an second, he was followed by Tomas Koreny in fift place. In the fight for the 6th place Ivanuša quicker from Šainovič and Jelovčan.

The second qualy. sessions was won by Gašper Dernovšek, ahead of Nik Štefančič and Mark Škulj, who secured the title in the 2019 Twingo Cup Champion with 2nd place in the 1st race. The first five were completed with Matej and Tomas Koreny.

On the start of race 2  Štefančič took the lead, but was passed on lap 3 by Dernovšek. In the same lap later on Škulj came into the lead. Dernovšek managed to follow Škulj and they slipped away of the group for a few seconds. In the back  Štefančič, Marinšek and the Koreny brothers battled thru the whole race.In the end Škulj finished the race in first place followed by Dernovšek, Štefančič third and Marinšek fourth. Matej Koreny managed to finish fift ahead of brother Tomas. Trček  managed to take the seventh place from the  11th starting position .

Sunday afternoon was reserved for the last races of the season.The starting positions were set how  drivers finished the 2nd race, so Škulj started from the pole, but Štefančič took the lead in the first corner. Already at the beginning of the second lap, Škulj retook the lead and, despite several attacks by Štefančič, retained it until the end of the race. Dernovšek finished third, ahead Trček, Ivanuša and Jelovčan. Above all, Ivanuša was the runnner up as he finishe d5th from the 14th starting position.

In the championship, Škulj is the champion, ahead of Štefančič in second and marinšek in third.

In the ESET Renault Clio Cup we had 3 cars on the starting field: Miha Primožič, Zoran Poglajen and the Italian guest Andrea Tronconi.

In Q1 Tronconi maneged to take the 2nd position, Primožič was third ahead of Poglajen fourth.

In race 1, on the start Primožič and Poglajen took the second and third place, as Tronconi had a bad start and felt down the order. In the middle of the race Primožič had a pucure and had to change the tires and so lost the race. In the end Poglajen finished second, and Tronconi missed the podium in fourth, for only a few tens o fan second.

In race 2 there was Primožič who had a great start, followde by Poglajen and Tronconi, this time Primožič managed to finish the race on second and Poglajen on third, as Tronconi was fift.

In the last race of the season we saw again a great start from Poglajen and Primožič who were changing the positions several times, but there was a plenty of drama as the Clio Cup car of Primožič was cought by fire and stopped the car in the middle of the start finish straight. The race was so finished under the Safety car, with Poglajen second and Tronconi fourth.

In the chapionship the Czech driver Michal Makeš took the title, ahead of Petr Majer and third was Miha Primožič, who had a great season altought bad luck in the last weekend, Poglajen finished fourth.