28/08/2019 Jure

Saturday’s qualifign showed that the race would be spectacular  with the  Slovakiaring long not less then  5,922 km slipstream plays an important role. The fastest qualifying time was achieved by Nik Štefančič, with Jaka Marinšek second in and Gasper Dernovšek third, followed by:Tomas Koreny, Mihailo Milenkovic, Matěy Koreny, Petr Fulin, Antonio Silvestrini, Mark Skulj, Tomaz Trček, Sandi Jeram, Predrag Sainovic, Andrea Tronconi, Denis Bahar, Mark Mramor, Matej Ivanuša, Samuel Sladečka, Miro Hornak, Paolo Silvestrini and Andrea Benini. The difference between first and the  tenth was less than a second!!!


In race 1 , Nik Štefančič had a bad start and felt down to 5th place, with Marinšek and Dernovšek leading the race. Mark Škulj started well from the 9th place, after the first turn, he wasalready right behind Nik Štefančič, together they  soon took the lead of the race . The first two changed their positions  several times, on the back of them Dernovšek and the Koreny brothers, fought hard till the end of the race for the last step of the podium. In the end Mark Škulj won the race with an 0.110 sec advantage over Nik Štefančič and Gašper Dernovšek ahead of the Koreny brothers.

The Sunday morning was marked by bad  weather conditions, the  racetrack and the boxes ware flooded. Therefore the qualyfications didnt take place and the starting grid was based on Q1 results. Shortly after the start groups were  formed. Nik Štefančič and Mark Škulj took the lead with a gap of few seconds ahead of Jaka Marinšek and Matěy Koreny, followed by a group of 4-6 drivers and so on. The first four drivers (Štefančič, Škulj, Marinšek, Koreny) were almost not changing their positions but in the other group there was some realy hard but fair racing. On the last lap Škulj and Štefančič collided and Marinšek took the lead ahead of Koreny and Škulj,we saw a trilling finish with three cars reaching the final straight side by side, in the end Koreny won the race by only 0,019 seconds ahead of Marinšek and Škulj.

In the Clio Cup we were represented by Zoran Poglajen and Miha Primožič. On Saturday qualifign Zoran finished 3th and Miha 4th.


In the opening race of the weekend, the leader of the championship, Michal Makesh, didnt finished the race after a collision,t herefore the race was won by Hungariany Levente Losonczy. Zoran Poglajen finished fourth, Miha Primožič did not finish the race due to a technical failure of the race car.


On  Sunday we saw again a DNF fort he championship leader Makes ,then Petr Majer took the lead at lap 4 and won the race with a nice margin ahead of our drivers Zoran Poglajen and Miha Primožič.


Congratulations to all the drivers . The next race scheduled in not less then 14 days (6-8 September 2019) in Brno, but only for the TCR and Clio Cup categories. The last weekend of the season for Twingo Cup  will be hosted  by Hungarian Hungaroring between 11-13 October.