01/08/2019 Jure

The third weekend of the season in the ESET Twingo Cup and Clio Cup took place at Grobnik.

There were 22 drivers on the start with the Renault Twingo Cup race cars, which was the highest number so far !!

Saturday’s qualifications were won by Nik Stefancic before Mihailo MilenkoviĆ and championship leader Mark Škulj followed by Mark Mramor, Marko Ćoza, Tomas Koreny, Jaka MarinŠek, Matej Koreny, Viktor Turina, and Matej Vončina who  finished the top ten.

In the first race we again saw a lot of overtakes, Nik Štefancič after the start failed to retain the first place, there were many drivers chang on the first places, but after the half  Jaka Marinšek led the race, ahead of Mark Škulj and Koreny brothers, Štefancič who after a mistake falled down to 15th place, began slowly to move forward.

After technical difficulties, Marinšek had to leave Škulj the first place, followed by Matej and Tomas Koreny, Matej Vončina, Nik Štefančič… In the last minutes of the race, with the slight difference, the first two places were held by Škulj and Štefančič, while the latest managed to overtake Škulj just for 0.069 seconds in the final meters of the race, earning his first victory in the ESET Twingo Cup powered by Glaso. Third place went to Tomas Koreny, ahead of his brothers Matej, Vončina,Mramor, Ćoza, Robida, Sainović and Marinšek.

The second race was held in changeable conditions, which  started with Škulj ahead of Dernovšek and Mramor. As usual, the order after the start was fairly mixed, for some time Mramor led the race, before Škulj, but Škulj had to serve a drive trought penalty due to fast start, and after Mramor’s mistake Milenković took the lead, starting the race from 12. place, he was followed by Turina, Dernovšek, Glazer…, after 3 laps, the safety car was applayed, meanwhile  Škulj served his penalty and got back on the track in place , after the restart the order was as follows: Milenković, Turina , Dernovšek, Ćoza, Glazer…, in changeable conditions Milenkovic then left the track, while Škulj and Ćoza managed to take the first two places ahead of Turina, the order of the first three remained the same until the end of the race, ther was a battle for the fourth place until the last meters between, Glazer, DernoŠsek, Sainović, Bahar, Jeram and Ivanuša, after the penalty for Dernovšek the order was only slightly different.


Zoran Poglajen and Miha Primožič took part in the ESET Clio Cup races.

in the first race Primožič won the  3rd place, Poglajen finished 5th.

In the second race, which took place in variable weather conditions,Poglajen started from pole position, then led the race for half of the race but was then overtaken by the Czech driver Makeš, but Poglajen took the lead again in the last lap, but was then hit from Makeš from behind, spun and finished the race in gravel insted of winning it. Primožič finished the race as a solid fifth after a short trip from the track in the first part of the race.

The next race in ESET Twingo and Clio Cup will be held on 23-25 ​​August 2019 in Slovak Slovakiaring