Red Bull Ring report

Red Bull Ring report
20/05/2019 Jure

Sunday‘s programme at Red Bull Ring began with the first Twingo Cup race, in which a Slovenian driver Mark Škulj managed to beat all 19 competitors and won.

Škulj already showed his speed in qualifying, where he took a pole position by 1.2 seconds ahead of Luka Glazer. In the race, he continued to dominate and in just 25 minutes he was leading by more than 6 seconds.

Jaka Marinšek finished 2nd after quite an uneventful race. It was not until the 3rd place, that fans got to see some battles. There was an intense fight between several cars which in the end went well for Keijo Keke Platzer who took the last place on the podium. Matěj Korený started 4th and despite all the battling, he also managed to finish on the same position. Marko Coza rounded up the Top 5.


A perfect weekend in Austria for Mark Škulj in Twingo Cup. After winning the first race on Sunday morning, he added one more win in the second race in the afternoon.

While the first race was pretty much uneventful for Škulj, it was a very different story in the second one. For the whole 25 minutes, he had to defend against Nik Štefančič. But Škulj did not give any opportunity to his competitor and crossed the finish line first four tenths ahead of him.

Behind them was a big battle for the 3rd place between four drivers. Jaka Marinšek, who was only in 9th on the grid, pushed very hard since the start and quickly got into 3rd position. But it was anything but easy after that with Keijo Keke Platzer, Matěj Korený and Mark Mramor pushing from behind. And the drivers swapped positions very often. They all crossed the line within just four-tenths of a second.

In the end, Škulj won the race ahead of Štefančič, Marinšek, Platzer, Korený and Mramor.


In the ESET Clio Cup we entered two cars for Zoran Poglajen and Miha Primožič. In race 1 Poglajen finished third but got an penalty of 30 seconds and  was afterwards moved to sixt position, Primožič ended the race in a solid fourth position.

Race 2 was held in wet contitions Poglajen and Primožič got well from the start and were second and third, but then Poglajen was hit from an opponent and felt down the order but  then still managed to finished fourth, Primožič drove a wery good race till the end and finished third, which was his first podium finish of the year.

The next round of ESET Twingo and Clio Cup will be held on Grobnik circuit in Croatia from the 26. till the 28. of July.