Germanol Adria Race Cup – Adria International Raceway

Germanol Adria Race Cup – Adria International Raceway
25/10/2015 Jure

For the end of very interesting season of Germanol Adria Race Cup, Twingos moved to Italy, Adria International raceway. We saw real “all star” races. Some well knownm experianced and foreign pilots have participated. Tomaž Avbelj, winner of national chamionship was here, multiple champion Zoran Poglajen and also Mathias Lodi who si racing with Lema Racing for some years. There was also Italian racer Alessandra Brena.

On saturday’s qualify Avbelj was the fastest. Brena and Pertot took places behind him.

Avbelj won the first race, after leading from start till the end. But Lodi was pushing him behind him the whole time, so there was no chance to rest. After a good fight with Brena, Pertot took third place. Dernovšek, Bolzoni, Poglajen and Počkaj had their own race behind.

Race 1 results:

  1. Boštjan Avbelj, 25:20.904
  2. Mathias Lodi, 25:21.714
  3. Andro Pertot, 25:27.634
  4. Tomaž Trček, 25:39.212
  5. Alessandra Brena, 25:40.672
  6. Gašper Dernovšek, 25:45.455
  7. Bolzoni Silvano, 25:46.283
  8. Zoran Poglajen, 25:55.023
  9. Metod Počkaj, 25:56.084
  10. Guera, 26:57.802

Starting positions for second race were transferd from first race finish places, just first 6 drivers changed places upside down.

First lap ended safely, without any touches. Dernošek lost his first position already in few laps and Avbelj was taking positions up quickly. The whole race we saw great fight between Avbelj, Lodi, Pertot and Bolzoni. But then in last part of the race Avbelj gain some seconds advantage and won again.

Rezultati druge dirke:

  1. Boštjan Avbelj, 25:20.675
  2. Mathias Lodi, 25:23.238
  3. Andro Bertot, 25:27.991
  4. Silvano Bolzoni, 25:30.991
  5. Tomaž Trček, 25:33,553
  6. Metod Počkaj, 25:41,165
  7. Alessandra Brena, 25:41.363
  8. Romy Dal Antonia, 25:48.624
  9. Gašper Dernovšek, 25:58.287
  10. Zoran Poglajen, 27:05.437